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We know an answer today is better than one tomorrow. On this support site, you will find the answers to 90% of your questions (about your Mindvalley experience, that is). If you still have trouble finding an answer, feel free to drop us an email and someone from our lovely team will get back to you as soon they can.

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Jeffrey Allen is a “silver lining locator.”

One of the amazing things about Jeffrey Allen’s program, Duality, is that it can solve a range of seemingly unrelated problems. Whether it’s health issues, relationship ...

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Duality Helped To “Create Good Boundaries.”

Jeffrey Allen’s transformational energy healing course, Duality, can help in all areas of your life. Too often, we push ourselves past our own limits — ...

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Duality “changed forever my old belief system.”

Jeffrey Allen’s course, Duality, can help to eliminate a range of emotional and wellness problems. One of our customers, Dave, wrote in to tell us ...

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