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We know an answer today is better than one tomorrow. On this support site, you will find the answers to 90% of your questions (about your Mindvalley experience, that is). If you still have trouble finding an answer, feel free to drop us an email and someone from our lovely team will get back to you as soon they can.

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Becoming Limitless Review: “Thanks for the reminder of forgiveness.”

In Becoming Limitless, Vishen Lakhiani teaches you to question everything you think you know—and this involves forgiving both others and yourself. Forgiveness is one of the ...

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Consciousness Engineering is “a place where I find my inspiration [and] ideas.”

Consciousness Engineering, Vishen Lakhiani’s signature program, teaches you to think outside the box, to question the “rules” of society, and to forge your own path. ...

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With Becoming Limitless, “I feel blissfully happy every morning.”

We have recently been receiving a lot of amazing feedback about Vishen Lakhiani’s program, Becoming Limitless—and rightly so. This program, which is an extension and deepening of ...

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