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Omvana Online

What is the difference between the Omvana App and Omvana Online?

Omvana Online is a subscription version of our flagship Omvana iOS app. Omvana online comes with our standard meditation mixer and also a Web Player which allows you to mix and customize each meditation your way. You can combine vocal tracks from famous speeches, inspirational books and guided meditations with a large collection of ambient track sounds to create your own custom meditation blends.

Although both platforms serve the same basic function, Omvana Online is more suited for a laptop / desktop experience while Omvana App is for the users who dominantly use smartphones like the iPhone, Android and even iPads and android tablets.

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How can I access the Player?

When you log in to Omvana Online, at the bottom of each page you will find the mixer and the web player. To start the player for the first time, just simply click the play button below the cover picture of any vocal or an ambient track.

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Can I use the Omvana Online on my iPad/Tablet or on my smartphone?

At the moment, Omvana online is not yet compatible with portable devices. You will need to use a computer/laptop to access Omvana Online tracks.

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I saw the promotional video and it shows the Google Play logo but can’t find Omvana on the Playstore. Is Omvana Online available on Android?

Omvana Online is only available for PC/Desktop users as it is an Meditation Mixer Platform for personal computers. With regards to Android, there will be an Omvana version for Andriod in the future, however, it’s release date is yet to be confirmed. We can tell you that it’s just around the corner so keep a watch out!

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How do I cancel my Omvana Online Subscription?

If you want to cancel your Omvana Online subscription, all you have to do is the following:

1. send an email to

2. on the email, make your subject line “Omvana Online Cancelation”

From there, our WOW support team will attend to your email and fulfil your cancelation :)

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How much does Omvana Online cost?

There are 3 payment options for Omvana Play and yes, we do have money-back policies for 2 of our payment options.

1. Monthly Subscription of $9.99 (No Refund; Cancelation only)

2. One Year pass of $89 (Refundable within 90 days of purchase)

3. Two Year pass of $179 (Refundable within 90 days of purchase)

If you get a monthly subscription you can easily cancel all future payments if Omvana does not meet your need. For the One Year Pass or Two Year Pass, you can get a full refund within 60 days.

- See more at:

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Can I download the tracks on Omvana Online to my computer?

This is a very good question and the answer is no. Users are not able to download tracks from Omvana Online.

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How do I mix tracks on Omvana Online?

This video below will show you step by step on how to mix your tracks :)

The player has two sections- one for ambient tracks and one for the vocals. Just click on the track cover of your choice and the cover icon will drop down into the Omvana Online player at the bottom of the page. From here, you can start and stop your tracks and adjust the volume of each. Below is a visual instruction of step by step on how to mix our track on Omvana Online.

This here is the DJ Mixer. See these two elegant squares on the player?

The left one is for ambience sound and the right one is for vocals. You can adjust the volume for both tracks by highlighting on top of the ambient and vocal covers.

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How do I log-in into Omvana Online?

Watch this video as it shows you how to log into Omvana Online :)

To log-in, go to – once you’re on the Omvana Online main page, look for the SIGN IN tab that’s located on the top right hand corner.

Key-in your log-in details that you received via email after you officially subscribed for Omvana Online. To give you a better idea, below is a visual instruction of step by step on how to log-in to Omvana Online.

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Can you walk me through on how to use Omvana Online?

This video below will give you a detailed walkthrough of Omvana Online. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video :)

The tracks on Omvana Online are classified into 7 categories. You have body, mind, lifestyle, relationships, hypnosis, sounds, and brainwaves. Clicking on these will take you to the tracks in that category.

In this area as shown below in the picture, is what we call the “hot zone”. You’ll be able to go through tracks that have been highlighted as Editor’s Pick, new release tracks, top vocals and top ambience sounds. Take note of the play button as well. You can click the play button to play the track.

If you click on the cover images, you’ll be taken to the track details. When you want to play the track, click it and you will be taken to the Omvana DJ Player which is also the Mixer.

On top of the track detail page, there is a tool that takes you to your favourite tracks which are tracks that you’ve favourited. There’s also a history section next to the my favourite section so you can view all the tracks that you’ve played.

If you can’t find a track that you have favourited, you can use the search feature by clicking on the magnifying glass icon here below.

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Can I write to the Customer Support team of Omvana?

If you do not find the answer to your question in this FAQ section or have feedback/suggestions for us, we would love to hear you.
Please drop us an email at

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Is there a way to try Omvana Online before I buy it?

Good question there my friend. No, as of now we do not have a trial feature available.

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Can I sync Omvana Online with my Omvana App? Also, can I get my free tracks on Omvana App available on my Omvana Online

For the time being, Omvana Online doesn’t have the ability to sync with your Omvana App but this feature is already being added on the wish-list of features for Omvana Users. When this becomes available, you can be sure that we’ll notify you immediately :)

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Can I add my own track from desktop and mix it on Omvana Online?

For the time being, we do not have a feature that allows users to add their own tracks from their desktop and use them on Omvana Online. However, this feature has been discussed before with the Omvana Team. Rest assured that if there’s any development on this feature, we’ll definitely let you know!

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