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How do I get my Philosophers Notes audios and PDFs onto my smartphone or tablet?

First, you need to download the audio file & PDF to your computer and then transfer it to your tablet. You can do this by connecting your tablet to your computer through the USB cable. Once connected it will appear on your computer’s desktop as a new device. Double click to open it. Then just drag and drop the audio file from the “Downloads” folder on your computer to the tablet and that’s it! :)

If you have an Apple product, you will need to use the program iTunes to transfer any files to your Apple device. In this case, transfer your desired files into iTunes, connect your Apple device, and then drag and drop the files into your device!

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Which books are covered in the Philosopher's Notes?

We have 7 different Philosophers Notes packages which cover 180 different books.

The first package has all 180 Notes that have been divided up into 5 Categories:

  • Happiness and Positive Living
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Wealth and Abundance
  • Health and Fitness
  • People Skills and Social Life

The second package has 100 Notes package with 20 notes from each category.

You can also choose smaller packages, so you can focus on your area of interest. Here’s a quick description of them:

The Happiness and Positive Living Notes has 55 notes
Most of us think of happiness like a hard-to-grasp abstract painting, in reality it’s more like the good ol’ law of gravity. Uncover the scientifically proven steps to a deep sense of joy and days filled with smiles and laughter with authors such as Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness, and Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.

The Wealth & Abundance Notes has 30 notes
From ingenious personal finance and investment advice to the reality-bending world of the Law of Attraction… this package has tips and game plans for vaporizing debt, overcoming bad money programming, and helping you achieve that abundance in your life. Summaries include well known books like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, while hidden gems like Geshe Michael Roach’s The Diamond Cutter may take you by surprise.

The Spiritual Growth Notes has 50 notes
The goal here is to help you to reach a higher state of consciousness. Get on first name terms with your higher self and be bulletproof against life’s petty challenges with essential classics like Rumi Daylight and Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

The People Skills and Social Life Notes has 30 notes
Anything’s possible once you understand what really makes people – and yourself – tick. Learn from psychological heavyweights like Eric Fromm’s The Art of Loving to David Deida’s mind-blowing The Way of the Superior Man.

The Health and Fitness Notes has 25 notes
Thanks to scientific progress, the human body is much less of a mystery than it was decades ago. Get all the latest breakthroughs and timeless facts on nutrition, fitness and living a long, healthy, pain-free life with books like Dr Frank Lipman’s Revive and Joel Fuhrman’s Super Immunity.

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What are the Philosopher's Notes?

The Philosopher’s Notes are a collection of delicious 20-minute PDF & audio summaries of the most transformational books ever written so you can do more, earn more and be more, all by spending less time reading. These notes were written by successful businessman turned modern day Philosopher, Brian Johnson.

Check out this video to learn more about how Brian Johnson came about to write these notes.

These are tangible, concise, accurate and beautiful summaries with crucial information that perfectly captures the spirit and big a-ha moments of each book. From one philosopher to another.

For more information on Philosophers Notes, click HERE

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How can I get a sample note to see if I like them?

You can request for a free note by clicking right here: Get Your Sample Note

After entering your email address, you’ll have a chance to choose the book summary you desire and it will be emailed straight to your inbox!

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Can I read my Philosophers Notes on my smartphone/tablet/kindle?

Once you transfer your PDF summaries from your computer to your smartphone or tablet, you can read the Philosophers Notes PDF summaries. The PDF summaries have been optimized to be read on your smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, it is not optimized for Kindle. Although the PDF files can be transfered to your Kindle, they are a bit more difficult to read. Try it out with one of our Philosophers Notes Samples.

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What do the books' original authors think of Philosopher's Notes summaries?

The author of the Philosopher’s Notes, Brian Johnson, has an excellent relationship with many of the authors of the books that he has summarized in his note packages!

Brian often encourages his readers to dig into the book more after reading the summary and authors have spoken highly of Brian’s ability to pull out and teach the crucial elements of each book. These summaries are meant to spark your interest in the books while giving you an overall picture. They are great for choosing the books you wish to divulge into further in the future!

See more reviews of Brian’s notes here

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Who do I contact for technical support with Philosopher's Notes?

Feel free to email if you need any help with your Philosophers Notes program!

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