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We know an answer today is better than one tomorrow. On this support site, you will find the answers to 90% of your questions (about your Mindvalley experience, that is). If you still have trouble finding an answer, feel free to drop us an email and someone from our lovely team will get back to you as soon they can.

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“I have never experienced such a huge shift like this ever before”

“Within four weeks, weird/unexplainable things started happening, People started being nice to me. My father who hadn’t spoken to me for seven years (he actually ...

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“Cool things happened after two sessions”

“1) The reason I went ahead and bought the Unlimited Abundance program. I injured my back during a workout and was in so much pain ...

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“You have my eternal gratitude for saving my life”

“The lessons you taught there were and are priceless. When I first read about your Masterclass at Mindvalley, I decided to try it. I am ...

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