Follow these steps to troubleshoot account access issues

1. Have you entered the right login details?

First, make sure that you enter the email ID on our login page which you provided when you signed up. If you are not sure about your password then you can reset your password by clicking on the Forgot Password? The link just below the Login button. In case your email does not arrive in your inbox please go to point 3 and 4. 

2. Is your internet connection doing okay?

If there is an error message on the page which says things like "Page is inaccessible or Page cannot be found" then it means that your connection is not stable. Try restarting your internet or wait for a while until it returns.

3. Have you tried using Chrome?

Chrome is the best choice for accessing our programs, as it works best with us. Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer are also good choices but if you want a sure bet, go for Chrome. You can download it here.

4. Have you tried clearing your cookies?

Cookies in your browser are pieces of information like credit card details, login name, and password etc. that your browser remembers on certain pages so that you don’t have to.

It is necessary to clear them once in a while. Read this article and clearing your cookies will be easy!

5. None of these steps work?

Our team of Support Agents is always around to help you in absolutely anything you need! Tell us more about the issue you have faced! Screenshots are much appreciated. 

Use the Chat Option Below. Even if you do not get an instant response someone will follow up with you soon. 

In Your Chat Please tell us:

  • What was the error message you saw?
  • What steps have you already taken? 
  • What device are you using (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.)? Which brand and model?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • What internet browser are you using to login? 

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