To get a refund for any eligible Mindvalley event ticket, please fill out the Refund Request form below:

Please also make sure to read the refund policies of specific events on that page.

Mindvalley has two types of events 

Global Campus events are for members-only and membership requires an application. These events are typically massive events including A-Fest and Mindvalley University City Campus.

Open Events are seminars that require no application to join. These include Mindvalley Reunion in Los Angeles on Mar 9 - 10 2019. 

Refunding a Global Campus Event (A-Fest or Mindvalley University City Campus)

Global Campus Membership is $995 a year and by invite or application only. You can cancel your Year 2 membership anytime. 

You can also refund a ticket to any major event up to 45 days before the event starts. This means you can buy a ticket to City Campus for June 25 2020 this year. And still refund it all the way till May 10 2020 if you suddenly can't make the trip. 

This means you're always safe against sudden unexpected plans that might prevent you from attending a seminar long in the future. 

We have a special email to use for our Global Campus members to reach support, just email

Refunding an Open Event like Mindvalley Reunion

Mindvalley Reunion is an open event. To refund a ticket purchase for Mindvalley Reunion in Los Angeles 2019, read this FAQ. 

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