First of all thanks for enrolling in one of our life-changing courses!

You should receive your order confirmation email right after the purchase. And you will find your login details within an email with the subject line: "Your Mindvalley Login Details".

If you did not receive the email and you can't access your account please carry on reading this article. However, if you are on your Mindvalley account already and you don't find a particular course or a bonus there - dance over to this article

The reason behind not having received the login details might be:

Reason 1: Your transaction did not go through and thus you were not provided with the access details.
Solution: Please check your online banking statement: if you don't find the recent purchase there - you should try purchasing the program once more. Please find troubleshooting tips and additional explanations here.

Reason 2: There was a typo in the email address entered to a checkout page while making a purchase. 
Solution: Please first check if the money really left your bank account. If so, please contact our Customer Support through this
Contact Form and they will make the necessary changes. Include the Full Name used while purchasing the course and the Correct Email Address to be used to access your account so that our support angels could help.

Reason 3: You have signed up via a different email address (Note: the system automatically adds a program to the account under the email address which was used on a checkout page).

Solution: We often use a couple of emails. This may result in using one email while signing up and a different one - to look for the confirmation and login details. Please make sure to check the inbox of the same email address you used for this particular purchase at stake :) (If you're not sure which exact email to check, search for "Your Mindvalley Login Details" in all the inboxes you use.)

Reason 4: The email with login details went to your Spam / Junk Folder.
Solution: Sometimes you may get our emails redirected to your Spam / Junk folder. Try searching for the email with a subject line "Your Mindvalley Login Details". And also please read 
here for more information on how you can whitelist your email address to avoid such situations in the future.

If none of the tips above helps and if you're sure that your purchase was successful (meaning that you can see the transaction on your bank statement), please contact us through this 
Contact Form.

Important Note: In order for our Customer Support Rockstars to be able to help you, it's super important that you provide us with this crucial information:

  1. Email address used to purchase the program (plus additional email addresses you may also use);
  2. Your Full Name;
  3. Date of Purchase;
  4. A Screenshot from your Bank Statement depicting this particular purchase (transaction).
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