If you are reading this, you have probably requested a refund using this Refund Request Form lately from one of our rockstar support agents. It usually takes 5-7 business days from the time we confirm your refund until the amount lands on your account. If you are still waiting longer than expected, keep calm and read on!

Did you pay with PayPal?

Please head over to PayPal and check if the amount has arrived in your PayPal account. If this is not the case, take a look at your pending payments. At times, PayPal requires you to claim the amount transferred to you so you will need to click on the link in the email you have received from PayPal.

Did you pay with a credit card? 

This is a bit tricky. If you been waiting for more than 7 working days for your refund, it’s time we have a chat! Please drop us a few lines through our Contact Form and tell us about the program you asked to be refunded.

Once you submit your message somebody from our support team will get back to you to you, as always! 

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