Program/Subscription disappeared from Mindvalley Dashboard

If you have been able to access your course for a while but it suddenly disappeared from your Mindvalley Dashboard, there are several possible reasons behind this:

1. You were committed to a payment plan or a subscription but the most recent payment could not be processed and thus your purchase got canceled (resulting in the removal of your program). This might happen whether because of a lack of funds (credit on your account) or due to outdated card details (expired card).

2. The program is being updated and it should appear on your dashboard in the next couple of hours. Please try to log in to your account after a break.

3. You had a subscription program (e.g. Consciousness Engineering, Zenward, Masters Circle) and all the previous content disappeared when the subscription was canceled (either per your request or because an automatic payment could not go through (See point number 1.).

Quest Disappeared from App

Login through a browser

Access your Quest from Google Chrome by logging in here and check if your Quest appears in Mindvalley Home. If your Quest appears, this means the issue is app related. Please reinstall the Mindvalley: Education Evolved App and make sure you log in with the correct email address. This usually helps sort out synchronization errors.

Still not seeing your program?

Our Customer Service Team is always around to help you in absolutely anything you need! Simply click on the chat icon at the bottom right of the page and tell us more about the issue you have faced. 

Please give us the following information when contacting us:

  • The correct email address used for logging in
  • The device you are using to access the Quest
  • What steps have you already taken? 

Once you submit your message, somebody from our support team will get back to you with a solution that works. Thanks for being patient with this!

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