We, at Mindvalley, are dedicated to spreading enlightened ideas to curious minds all over the planet. That’s why we have prepared Free Courses for you about meditation, self-confidence, abundance and more! In these one hour sessions, you will be able to learn powerful ideas from some of the best thought leaders and personal growth authors of the world and implement them in your life right away.

In addition, you can take our Free Quest and experience the benefits of micro-learning as you master a single skill in a week!

We share a pocketful of amazing content on the Mindvalley Blog, not to mention our Youtube Channel where you can watch talks from our keynote speakers. You can start digging into the goodness of this collection of game-changing hacks and beautiful ideas!

Mindvalley Quests deliver up to 500% better results in transformation by re-engineering learning in 5 ways:

  1. Microlearning
  2. Community
  3. Best in Class Teachers
  4. Real Time Events
  5. Behavioral Change Methodology

Want to experience this by yourself? Enroll in our free Quests. Created for you. Enroll right now here.

You can access your free Quests on any mobile device by downloading the Mindvalley Quests App here

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