Can I bring my spouse to the event

Attendees are welcome to invite their spouse to the event, however in order to attend any of the events (seminar room or social events) they require a ticket.

If you are a Global Campus Member, please, note that your spouse needs to become a Member as well in order to get her ticket. Their application needs to be reviewed and approved before purchasing the ticket.

If you are not enrolled in Global Campus Membership and you’ve had a successful application, your spouse can register immediately and purchase a ticket at the current ticket price. Please email us at for the additional ticket.

Can I bring my children. How much are the junior tickets

A-Fest is family friendly and we welcome children of all ages. We’ve even had attendees bring their newborn. Kids (under 13) can come with their parents for free and teens (13-17) get 50% off the adult ticket price. Kids and teens don’t have to apply in order to attend the event. If your application was successful, you can register your child(ren) immediately. Simply email us at and we will take it from there.

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