Mindvalley University is a curated tribe and as such, attendees (aged 18+) must first apply and be approved in order to attend, however, only one immediate family member (18+) needs to be approved.

Once approved, adults (18+) can join the event by securing a full price guest-only ticket, or by becoming Mindvalley Experience Members, which activates exclusive access to the member-only discounted tickets. In addition to discounted tickets to Mindvalley University, becoming a member unlocks access A-Fest, adventure trips and local events happening globally throughout the year, including socials, masterminds, and more.

*Immediate adult family members include grandparents, parents, children, siblings, in-laws, and spouse or partner.

Friends are not eligible to bypass the application process. They first need to apply, be approved and secure their Mindvalley Experience Membership before purchasing an event ticket, or alternatively a full price guest-only ticket.

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