Lifebook is the premier lifestyle design program that helps re-train your brain to think beyond the outdated, industrial age models of success – and instead frees you to re-define your own levels of success in all 12 categories of life.

You will discover a powerful framework designed to help you align every single one of your goals into one compelling vision of your life that empowers you and fuels you to have it all: the success, the relationships, the health, the fulfillment – without having to sacrifice one for the other.

This is what makes so many people – including some of the world’s top super-achievers – swear by Lifebook and the sheer ongoing impact it triggers in their lives.

For full information on all various Lifebook Programs offered by Mindvalley please see our official Lifebook site.

This Video Explains the Lifebook Program and introduces it's creators, Jon and Missy Butcher.

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