What is Lifebook Mastery and who is it for? 

Lifebook Mastery is an exclusive, 6-week goal achievement program (only for Lifebook Online Graduates) that guides you towards executing your biggest Lifebook goals in the real world.

In the exact same way Lifebook Online gave you the step-by-step process to CREATE your Life Vision, Lifebook Mastery will give you step-by-step process to ACHIEVE IT. 

What exactly will Lifebook Mastery do for me?

Lifebook Mastery will help you identify the most important goals upon which your Life Vision rests, eliminate any obstacles or low quality activities that no longer serve you – and help you install the new habits and daily structures you’ll need to truly step into your Life Vision. 

It will help you create a powerful action plan and take focused, effective action toward your Life Vision every day. You will save years of work, gain decades of knowledge in days, and achieve your own extraordinary life with unprecedented speed and efficiency. 

What’s included in the Lifebook Mastery package?

Here's everything you get when you continue your Lifebook journey:

  • Lifebook Mastery - a breakthrough 6-week goal-achievement program 
  • Category 13 - an exclusive Lifebook category to harness the power of sex, romance, and intimacy
  • Plus keep your unlimited lifetime access to the Lifebook Online program

Can I join Lifebook Mastery later on? I’m too busy for another program right now.

The #1 obstacle and single biggest factor standing between most people and their dream life is that they believe they don’t have the time to do the work. The truth is, the “perfect time” to begin something doesn’t exist, and statistics show that if you don’t start immediately, your chances of starting at all go down significantly.  

The busier and more overwhelmed you are right now, the more you need Lifebook Mastery! During the first week of the program, members discover how to save an average of 4 hours every week by eliminating time and energy-draining activities in their lives (some people reclaim 10+ hours of their time per week!).

This special Lifebook Mastery offer is only extended to Lifebook Online students upon graduation and it expires if you decide to opt to get your money back instead.

How much time will I need for Lifebook Mastery?

Each week you’ll need about 1-2 hrs to watch the video and fill up your workbook/tracking tools. 

You’ll also need about 1 hour to attend calls with Jon & Missy (or to listen to call recordings). 

This program can be easily followed at your own pace and requires way less time investment than Lifebook Online. 

There’s no completion deadlines and you’ll get lifetime access to program, so you can go through it anytime.

I would love to join Lifebook Mastery, but money is just too tight right now.  

You have the opportunity to trade your $500 investment in for a package that’s worth over $2,500 when purchased separately. 

Most people recognize this incredible value... but the real question is this: how much is accomplishing your dream life worth to you?

If you could guarantee the manifestation of your own Life Vision with just $500, would it be worth it? If you’re like most people, the answer is YES!!! 

So ask yourself… Are you willing to invest some money (which you have probably already learned to live without) in achievement of your dream life? If you can answer “yes,” we guarantee you won’t regret it.

What’s the Format of Lifebook Mastery?  Is it new Content? Different from Lifebook Online?

Lifebook Mastery is a completely different program from Lifebook Online. With brand new content aimed at implementation, habit setting, goal-achievement, your lifestyle, how you live every day to the fullest, stepping into the life/the vision you wrote about in your Lifebook, and how to more easily take action towards your best life every day….

Dramatically increase your productivity, achieve all of your Lifebook goals, and create lasting results faster than you ever thought possible. 

What is the Lifebook Online $500 accountability deposit refund process?

Here are the steps of the Lifebook Online $500 refund process: 

  1. Fulfill refund eligibility conditions listed above 
  2. Fill up and submit refund request form by the given date (IMPORTANT: Mindvalley will NOT grant refunds to any late rebate requests and will only grant refunds to customers who submitted the refund request form. Emailing Mindvalley customer support does not count as refund request). 
  3. After we receive your refund request, we will proceed with the rebate eligibility verification process. If we have questions or need additional verification, we will get in touch via email. 
  4. Once your eligibility is verified and confirmed you will receive a confirmation email, and all refunds will be processed within 3-5 working days.  
  5. Once we process your refund, you will lose access to Lifebook Online program on the Mindvalley Quest platform. 

Do I lose access to Lifebook Online program if I opt to get my money back?

Yes, once processed, you’ll lose access to Lifebook Online program on the Mindvalley Quest platform. 

Do I lose access to Lifebook Online Tribe if I decide to get my money back?

No, you will still get to keep your membership to the Lifebook Online Tribe on Facebook.

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