What are Mindvalley Tribes? 

Tribes are our shared space for learning and growing - groups that are created for discussing our ideas, insights, transformations, breakdowns and breakthroughs. We aim to humanize learning experiences by creating platforms & spaces for everyone to engage, connect, share, and evolve through cooperative learning. 

Our Tribe is as powerful as its members. What this means is that we’ll come together more intimately, intensely, and frequently than ever before in our online communities and help the members live their Quests. This is the place where you'll challenge your old models of reality, break free from your brules and immerse yourself in revolutionary, experimental and sometimes outright crazy ideas and experiences. And of course...find those people who just get you and are ready to walk through this transformative journey with you!

Why join a Tribe? 

There are numerous benefits to Tribe learning. Here are some of them:

  • Deeper understanding of material
  • Greater motivation to learn and complete the Quest or program
  • Ability to view situations/challenges from other perspectives
  • Positive and supportive relationships with peers
  • Greater accountability 
  • Interactivity - team members providing each other with feedback. In cooperative learning, students teach and encourage each other.
  • Collaboration
  • Develop and practice team skills such as giving feedback, communication and conflict management.
  • Making new connections & friendships

What kinds of Tribes are there?

There are a number of different groups that you can join depending on the Quest or Event that you are a part of:

  • One of our biggest Tribes is the Mindvalley Open Facebook Group. This group is open to all and does not require a passphrase to access.
  • There is a Members-only Facebook Group for our Mindvalley Mentoring Plus subscribers.
  • All of our Quests also have dedicated Tribes to give you the best cooperative learning experience. All groups are optional to join, meaning you can always enjoy your Quest without the Facebook group.
  • Last but not least, all of our events have Tribes for attendees so that you can connect, mingle and share.

How to join our Tribes?  

You can see all the different Tribes available to you when you log in to your account and visit the Community Tab of your account.

If you have purchased one of our Quests and would like to join the corresponding Tribe/Facebook group, you can also click the Go To Community button on the main page of your Quest. This will bring up a window with the link to the Tribe as well as the passphrase required to join the group.

Tribe Facilitators 

Tribe facilitators are your guides during your journey.  They provide a safe space from which vulnerability, empowerment and connection can thrive. They help you integrate the concepts of the Quest into real life and provide support through your transformation and growth.

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