Staying on track with your personal growth should not be complex & that is why we are releasing a new design for our Mindvalley Student Dashboard. If you have ongoing or upcoming Quests with us they will appear in your Today page to make it easier for you to track their state as well as your progress. 

Masterclasses & Free Content

All of our free content is also available on your Today page now - from talks to podcasts to masterclasses you can find and easily access them all from here. We are constantly updating and featuring the very best of our content.

Do you have subscriptions with us? 

Now they all reside in the Channels page. This is where you can find your Mindvalley Mentoring episodes, your Mentoring At Work (former Impact) coaching episodes, as well as your Lifebook Membership episodes. If you don’t have any of these subscriptions, what are you waiting for?

Quest & Courses

You can now find all of your Quests and Courses in the Programs Page. You can take your programs from here and you can always revisit your completed quests and courses if you want to retake them. 

Communities and Facebook Tribes

You can easily access all of our Facebook Tribes through the Communities tab on your app or on your Mindvalley dashboard on your browser. If you are looking to join a closed Facebook Tribe for a Quest or Course, you can find the passphrases for the Tribes on this page as well. Our powerful, interactive Tribes are one of the main reasons why our Quests have become such a powerful form of learning.

Newsfeed and Notifications

Find all the latest news, episodes and general updates by clicking on the Notifications bell icon near the profile avatar on the top right corner.

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