Unexpected charges are just as unwelcome as a rainstorm on your wedding day. We would never intend to charge you incorrectly or leave you in the dark so we have created this article for our students with EU addresses about the Value Added Tax on their Mindvalley bill. If your country of residence is an EU member, this information will come handy to you.

What happened is that in January 2015, the EU passed a law that requires companies to charge VAT for products based on the location of the customer (You)  instead of the location of the company (which is Mindvalley).

If you select an EU country for your billing address on the checkout page, the taxes are automatically included. Our sales pages actually mention that EU customers will be charged VAT, but we cannot put the adjusted price on our main pages since it applies to only our European students.

The bottom line is, you can always see the amount adjusted on the checkout page before you complete your purchase so that you are aware of the amount charged as Value Added Tax before you make a decision.

You can get exempt from VAT charges if you have a valid VAT number! If you have a valid VAT number and still you got charged for some reason, all you need to do is get in touch with our Support Agents and we will refund you the difference.

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