In any case, whenever you're not sure if the payment did go through, please check your bank statement. If you don't see a recent transaction to Mindvalley on your online banking statement - this means you were not charged.

If you did not get a successful transaction message or any email from us with information about the program you have just purchased, it means:

  • Either that the email address that you filled up in the payment form is misspelled. Read more on what to do in that case here 
  • Or that the payment couldn’t be processed and did not go through so you have not been charged. This also means that you don't have access to your program yet

If there was a payment issue, usually, a card is declined for one of two reasons:

  1. There are insufficient funds in the account (Therefore, please make sure that you have enough credit on your account)
  2. The credit card provider (bank) has put a restriction on your card (which they sometimes do for online or foreign transactions, for your protection). To avoid such situation, we recommend that you call your credit card company or bank and double check with them of why the transaction was declined before trying to purchase again

Alternatively, credit card transactions are sometimes declined because of other
reasons, including:

  • The wrong CVS is entered (the three numbers on the back of the card)
  • The wrong address is entered (the zip code / postal code especially)
  • The credit card is expired

In these cases, we advise that you make sure that the information you input when you try to purchase is the same as the information that is on file with your credit card. 

If, after you've checked your internet connection, made sure that the information entered to the checkout is correct, and you got in contact with your credit card provider, you're still not able to order from our website, the best way for you to contact us is to fill in the Contact Form. Our customer support agents will get back to you within 48 hours (2 business days). 

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