You can reschedule your masterclass by simply returning to the page where you signed up in the first place and selecting a new time slot. You will find this page in the email we have sent to you.

You can also check our latest webinars on your Mindvalley Account Dashboard or if that's not the webinar you are searching for, look at our free master classes on our website. The time and date you sign up for always relate to your own timezone so you don’t need to worry about counting the hours if you tune in from the other half of the planet.

This means that if you live in a unique destination, let's say Kamchatka, Russia and you have selected 8 AM when signing up, the masterclass will air for you exactly at 8 AM in local Kamchatka time. 

If you miss the masterclass you signed up for, you will have the opportunity to replay it. You can find more information on Masterclass Replays in this article.

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