How do the training videos and classes work?

Mindvalley Mentoring subscription is an immersive online experience. The curriculum for each class includes summaries, actions steps, further resources and transcripts from the class. The videos are viewable at any time, and they can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched as many times as you’d like. Plus you can consume them not just on your computer, but your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet too. The Mindvalley App allows you to download the audio recordings of the trainings so you can listen to them offline for your own convenience.

Do I get instant access to all the content?

Yes! The moment you subscribe, you get instant access to all trainings and content in your Mindvalley Library. Once you’ve signed up, please check your email inbox for your personalized login details.

How does the 7-day free trial work?

When you sign up for Mindvalley Mentoring your get free access to all of the trainings for 7 days, and you will only be billed for the annual plan at the end of the trial period. according to the chosen plan.

Can I cancel my Mindvalley Mentoring subscription at any time?

As your 7 day trial period is over, you will be charged for the annual price. If you wish to cancel your subscription within the 7 days trial period, contact us by clicking the chat widget on the lower-right corner. After the 7 day trial period, you can cancel your subscription any time and you will continue to have access to the content until the subscription expires.  However, note that refunds are not available for this subscription (only cancellation of future renewal). 

I am Mindvalley Tribe Member. How is this subscription different?

Mindvalley Tribe Membership gives you access to different channels such as Consciousness Engineering, Impact at Work, Mindvalley on Stage, Mindvalley Talks, as well as a private Facebook Tribe, equivalent to Mentoring Plus Subscription. The current Mentoring Basic subscription only gives you access to Consciousness Engineering trainings. If you wish to downgrade to Mindvalley Mentoring, feel free to cancel your Mindvalley Tribe Membership subscription and subscribe for Mindvalley Mentoring through this Page.

The Tribe Catalog is no longer available.  How can I get a better deal with the programs offered?

We hold true to our promise that we put our students first and make business decisions that will benefit our students more.

We currently offer Mindvalley University Online (MVUO) as a subscription. You get 3 Quests with a one-off price of $499.

MVUO is an annual subscription and an upgrade option that customers can purchase after they have purchased any of our Quests. All three of your programs will come with certificates. Simply just pay an additional $249 when you purchase any of our programs. After the first year, subscription will cost $499/year (includes 3 Quests = 3 credits). 

Ultimately, you save so much more with the MVUO subscription! 

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