What's the Change About?

As we're changing the title of Mindvalley Tribe Membership (MTM) to Mindvalley Mentoring, we're providing two options to choose from - Basic & Plus. With this being said, we'll be automatically updating the current subscription of the annual Tribe members to Mentoring Plus. 

Mentoring Basic vs. Mentoring Plus

The table below shows the major difference between the Basic and Plus plans. For more details please visit this article.

Downgrading to Basic?

For MONTHLY Subscribers

If you are on a monthly plan, we invite you to cancel your Tribe Membership subscription on the "Billing" section of your Mindvalley account, and subscribe to Mindvalley Mentoring on mindvalley.com/mentoring. 

For YEARLY Subscribers

If you are on an annual plan, to downgrade to Mentoring Basic - we invite you to fill this form. At the end of your current billing period, we will automatically switch your subscription to Basic for a yearly amount of $95.88. 

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