Video & Audio Issues In Your Web Browser

#1 - Connection is everything: make sure your internet is as fast as possible so that you can have an uninterrupted learning experience! 

#2 - A fresh start: If the video has been loading for an eternity, it is time to hit refresh! 

#3 - Cookies, cookies everywhere! These sweet little pieces of information might be outdated and so they prevent you from accessing the content. You need some spring cleaning! Here is how to clear your cookies.

#4 - Google Chrome is your best friend: This time-tested browser works best with our content, give it a try!

#5 - Go private: Try copying the link of the page in an Incognito window.

#6 - Are you in the right place? Logout from your account and log in again, make sure it's with the right address!

#7 - OS Makeover: Maybe it is time you update your operating system. You can find the latest updates for
Desktop - Windows updates, Mac updates
For Mobile and Tablets - iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Android updates

Video / Audio Issues On Your Mobile Devices

If you are accessing it through one of our mobile application (App), these tips should be helpful:

  • Check if you have a Good Internet Connection, otherwise, streaming will be problematic
  • Log out from your Application and log in again
  • Delete Mindvalley App. Then download it and install again. Once you log in to your account - the issues you initially faced should be fixed
  • As a final resort, please make sure that the Operating System of your phone is up to date (it might be too old to support the App)

If you are accessing it through your Phone Browser, apart from above mentioned first two tips, you should also: 

  • Download and us Google Chrome as a browser on your mobile device
  • Copy the link of the chapter you're trying to reach and open it on an Incognito Mode
  • If any of the steps above help - clearing your cookies (browsing history) should be the final solution

Important: if non of the steps above help, while the the issue is getting fixed, please access the videos / audios on your laptop or personal computer.

Nothing works?

Our Award Winning Customer Service Team is always around to help you with absolutely anything you need! Tell us more about the issue you have faced! Screenshots are bonus points! 

  • What was the error message you saw?
  • What steps have you already taken? (Because you are awesome.)
  • What device are you using (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.)? Which brand and model?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • What internet browser are you using to login?
  • Once you submit your message somebody from our superhero team will get back to you to save your day and make sure that you can access your account all the life-changing courses in your library! Because we care :)

Thank you for being a part of the Mindvalley Community!

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