Did you miss a free webinar you have signed up for? Or did you enjoy the masterclass and want to watch the whole thing again? As always, we have got a solution for you! 

Check your inbox!

Once you book your spot for the webinar, stay tuned for updates from us about the starting date and time and the link to access the masterclass! Should you miss your chance at the moment of truth, we will also send you the replay link within 24 hours after your scheduled time.

I cannot find the email!

In case our reminders got lost in the mysterious realm of the world-wide-web, you can also access your replay link from this page! Just enter the email address you signed up with and the captcha code that proves that you are a human being and you will see the list of all masterclasses you have signed up for.

Don’t wait for too long though, as the replay of the webinar is only available for a limited time (usually a week). So we'll not be able to provide you with a replay if the link has expired.

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