For many of our programs, we do offer an option for installment/payment plans. This means that you can cover the fee for a given program in two or three installments depending on the program instead of paying at one go. You will find the payment plan option on the page of the program under the “Add to Cart” button.

As you can see, we do try to make our payment options suitable for all our students around the globe. 

Note: Mindvalley's payment technology is automatic and it does not allow us to add additional discounts for particular people or customize prices based on individual requests. Therefore, our Support Agents, no matter how much they would love to, will not be able to give any customized discounts or special prices to you.

We appreciate your understanding on this. 

A little secret from us:

We stream a free webinar prior to each of our programs and we offer a significant discount to our students who attend these masterclasses. For the best offers, stay tuned after the masterclass for the discount to be revealed!

Thank you for being a part of Mindvalley and we hope to welcome you as a participant to our upcoming courses!

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