Whenever you successfully purchase a program from us, you will receive in your email address connected to your account a confirmation of payment. If it is your very first purchase with us, a Mindvalley Academy account is created instantly and you also receive the login information in your inbox. 

Where To Find My Payments

To see your payments, log in to your Mindvalley account and follow these steps:

1. Click on "My profile" on the left menu
2. Select Billing from the header of the new page is opened. You can now see a list of your active and/or canceled subscriptions and if you scroll down you see a list of all your previous payments under the Payment History title.  
3. By pressing the Receipt button you can download the Invoice for each of your order. 

Subscription Payments 

If you purchased a subscription - the next automatic payment will go according to your subscription plan. It's crucial that you always read all the information on a checkout page before submitting a payment).
After your 1st subscription payment (or if you purchased a subscription without any trial) - the automatic charges will take place depending on what kind of subscription (Monthly or Annual) you have:

  • Monthly - payment will go through every month on the same day as your initial full monthly subscription payment
  • Annual / Yearly - you will be billed once per year on the same day as of when the initial yearly subscription payment went through

Payment Plans

  1. Your 1st payment gets billed along with the initial purchase
  2. The 2nd charge goes through 30 days after the 1st payment
  3. The 3rd (if it's a 3 payment plan) - gets billed 30 days after the 2nd payment

What Was I Charged For?

You found a Mindvalley payment in your bank statement but you do not know what for? Let's look it up together: please search in your inbox for an email from us.

For every course purchased we send an email with "Your payment was successfully processed" subject line, where you can find your invoice attached. If it was your first purchase with us, we also sent you the login details with "Your Mindvalley Login Details" subject line email.

If you are already a customer, once you go to your Mindvalley Account Dashboard you will be able to access your Billing Section and see when and what course was purchased.

Here you can see whether:

  • You have committed to one of our monthly or yearly Subscription plans
  •  You have committed to a Payment plan 

If you don't find any email from us, you cannot see it in the billing section or you found it, but it is still not clear what you were charged for, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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