What is Mindvalley Quest Membership?

Mindvalley Quest Membership was our annual subscription that got you a series of 3 Quests, each one chosen by you to elevate any area of your life that’s most important to you. This subscription is no longer available and has been replaced with the Mindvalley All Access Pass.

How does Mindvalley Quest Membership work?

1. After subscribing to Mindvalley Quest Membership, you received a purchase confirmation email with the subject line “Welcome to Mindvalley Quest Membershipthat includes the link to the form you need to fill to choose your Quests. Please do check your spam inbox, sometimes this email ends up there!

2. After browsing through, simply choose the other 2 Quests* that you would like to take, on top of the 1st Quest you initially chose.

3. Our Student Support will document your slot in those Quests. Know that you can take the other 2 Quests anytime over the next 12 months.

*You can select from any existing or upcoming Quests in the Mindvalley curriculum, with the exception of WildFit, and any other premium Quests we release in future. 

Do I need to choose my 2 Quests now? Can I wait till later?

Yes, you can choose it anytime as long as it's within 1 year of purchase. But note that our Quests have specific start dates, so make sure to access your slot in time for them by filling out the form in your purchase confirmation email, ideally 1 week before the Quest starts.

Don't worry, if you'd like to change your selection at a later date, just contact us and we will change your Quest registration for you. Just be sure to do it before the start date of the Quest.

What Quests & Courses are available in Mindvalley Quest Membership?

1. Awaken The Species with Neale Donald Walsch
2. The Habit of Ferocity with Steven Kotler
3. Hero. Genius. Legend. with Robin Sharma
4. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance with Marisa Peer
5. The Longevity Blueprints with Ben Greenfield
6. Speak & Inspire with Lisa Nichols
7. Superbrain with Jim Kwik
8. The M Word with Emily Fletcher
9. The Quest For Personal Mastery with Srikumar Rao
10. Unlocking Transcendence with Jeffrey Allen
11. Chakra Healing with Anodea Judith
12. Energy Medicine with Donna Eden
13. Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon
14. Uncompromised Life with Marisa Peer
15. Becoming Limitless with Vishen Lakhiani
16. Duality with Jeffrey Allen
17. Feng Shui for Life with Marie Diamond
18. Power of Visioning with Michael Bernard Beckwith
19. Be A Modern Master with Deborah King
20. Tantra Touch with Psalm Isadora
21. Love Or Above with Christie Marie Sheldon

We’re committed to producing the most transformational learning experiences on the planet—and we release brand new Quests multiple times per year, so you’ve always got a new one to try.

Can I cancel my subscription to Mindvalley Quest Membership? Will I get my money back?

When you cancel your subscription to Mindvalley Quest Membership, you will be able to keep your Quests and remaining credits and you will not be charged for the following subscription period. However, you will need to use the remaining credits by the end of the subscription period or they will expire.

If you cancel within 10 days, you will have a full rebate of Mindvalley Quest Membership. 

Can I cancel my enrollment to a specific Quest that I received using my Mindvalley Quest Membership credit? Will I get a my money back?

You are only allowed to cancel your enrollment to a selected Quest within 10 days of the selected Quest’s start date. When you cancel your enrollment, you will receive your credit back that you may use for a different Quest.

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