Mindvalley Mentoring is a subscription program giving you access to bite-sized trainings hosted by Vishen Lakhiani together with the world’s best teachers.

Mindvalley Mentoring subscription is available in 2 different plans: Basic and Plus. Here’s what’s included in each plan:

Mentoring Basic

1. Mindvalley Mentoring 

This gives you access to the formerly known Consciousness Engineering collection of brain exchanges with Vishen and his mentors. In the bi-monthly new trainings, you will be following Vishen on his quest of collecting the best knowledge from the greatest minds in the world. 

In each training, you will be able to model some of the world's top minds by going deeper into: 

  • Their beliefs about life and the world. We call these “Models of Reality”.
  • Their daily habits which create their success. We call these “Systems for Living”.

2. Mindvalley Films

Watch exclusive, beautifully produced documentaries that explore today’s most important ideas, issues and emerging trends in the Mindvalley community - including the Emmy Award-nominated Live Your Quest. We release a new Mindvalley film on average every 8 months. These are a bonus to your regular Mentoring episodes and bring together multiple Mindvalley authors on a common theme. 

How to get your free 7-day trial?

  1. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to get started with the 7-day free trial. After enrolling in the trial, you get instant access to all the exclusive training and perks of the Mindvalley Mentoring Basic Subscription.
  2. Your 7-day trial is free: you pay nothing until your trial ends in 7 days (at which point you will then automatically be charged).
  3. If you wish to cancel your subscription during the 7-day trial period, visit this article for details on how to do that. After the 7-day trial period, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you will continue to have access to the content until the subscription expires. However, please note that rebates are not available for this subscription (only cancellation of future renewal). 

To learn more about Mindvalley Mentoring, meet your trainers, see the feedback that our Tribe members have left us and to sign up for the free trial, please visit this page.

Mentoring Plus

Mentoring Plus includes everything in Mentoring Basic but adds multiple additional features. You will have an option of purchasing Mentoring Plus after signing up for Mindvalley Mentoring Basic.

3. Impact At Work

Impact at Work is our professional growth platform where you’ll join our host Jason Campbell in monthly trainings with the most brilliant professionals and entrepreneurs on the planet. So you can take their disruptive strategies, mindset shifts and daily rituals, and use them to rise to the top of your own game in your professional career.

4. The Mentoring Private Facebook Group

Connect with a like-minded community which is all about being in a constant state of growth and share your struggles and your learnings. 

Note: We used to call Mentoring Plus by the name Mindvalley Tribe Membership, so if you previously bought Mindvalley Tribe Membership you already will have access to everything. 

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