Lifebook Online is the online version of Jon and Missy Butcher’s critically acclaimed Lifebook life envisioning retreat. Through a 6-week series of intimate videos and coaching calls, you get an identical experience as the live event. And you emerge with the exact same personalized Lifebook to guide you towards extraordinary success in 12 key areas of life. All from the comfort of your own home, and at a tiny fraction of the price.

What's included in the program?

You get everything you need to shape your personal vision for the 12 key areas of your life, shape your own personalized Lifebook, and stay motivated every step of the way. This includes 6 weeks of video training, weekly coaching calls, convenient Lifebook design templates you can use on any computer, and access to our global community through our private Facebook group.

How much time will I need for this?

You’ll want to set aside 3 – 6 hours a week for 6 weeks (and if you’re committed to living your greatest life, it’s the best time investment you’ll ever make). Here’s how that breaks down:

  • You’ll watch an average of 2 Lifebook training videos each week (120 – 150 minutes)
  • You’ll personalize each chapter template with your own photos and quotes (15 – 30 minutes)
  • You may also want to set aside additional personal time for meditation, visualization, and reflection (optional)

Do I have to be online for a specific time to consume the content?

The Lifebook Online program unlocks weekly. As long as you follow the chapters weekly, you're good! You don't have to following a specific timeslot in the day. However, our coaching calls will require you to be online during a specific timeframe. Details below.

How do I get Lifebook Online for free?

Easy, just enroll in the program and engage with every part of the program: watch the videos, fill in each of your 12 Lifebook templates, and either join the coaching calls, or listen to the recordings. Then, once you’ve compiled your Lifebook, just submit your request by the specified date. You will get every cent of your enrollment fee returned to you. Please click here for reference in regards to the process.

Will I lose access to Lifebook Online if I request my money back?

If you decide to request for your money back, you’ll lose access to Lifebook Online on the Mindvalley platform. The program videos won’t be available anymore, however you’ll get to keep your Lifebook templates and other resources you downloaded during the program.

What's the difference between Lifebook Quest and Lifebook Online?

Lifebook Quest is a unique program that introduces you to the Lifebook process through the principle of microlearning, and trains you with excerpts from the main program. Lifebook Online, however, is the full home study version of the complete Lifebook experience. The main difference here is the level of depth and immersion. You’ll embark on a 6-week journey with Jon and Missy Butcher, as they personally guide you through each of the 12 categories of Lifebook. You’ll get on weekly coaching calls with them. You’ll carefully shape your vision and strategies for these 12 values. And at the end of these 6 weeks, you’ll have your very own Lifebook to guide you towards your extraordinary life.

What if I can't start on the start date of the Quest - Can I still participate?

Yes, you can start at a later date. But you’ll have to do it at a faster pace to catch up with the community, if you want to complete it on time and qualify for the full rebate. Alternatively, you can take your own time and do it at your own pace – but this means you’ll have to pay the discounted fee for the program. Plus, you’ll miss out on experiencing it with the community.

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