Every Quest program comes with an online community. This is part of the feature that makes Quests such a powerful form of learning.

All groups are optional to join, meaning you can enjoy your Quest without the Facebook group, but if you'd like to participate in the community and share and get help you should have a Facebook account and join the online Facebook group.

Each group is password protected. To get into the group enter the passphrase which will appear in your Mindvalley account on the web or app.


1. Click the Community tab on your app or on your Mindvalley dashboard on your browser. You can also access the Quest community by clicking the Go To Community button on the main page of your Quest.

2. Choose the group you wish to join.

3. Enter the “passphrase” on Facebook. The passphrase is the secret code you will see right next to the “Go to Facebook Group” button. 

When is my membership application approved?

Once you have applied to be a member of the Facebook group with the correct passphrase, our Tribe Facilitators will approve you as a member. Please note that this can take up to 2 business days, so do not be alarmed if your membership application is not approved right away.

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