Start your Quest programs by signing into your Mindvalley user account.
Be sure to input the respective email which you've used to purchase the program. Once logged in to your account, you can find your quest(s) under the Programs tab.

Your first encounter:

#1: Program Name
This represents the title of the program. Clicking on this will bring you to the overview of the Quest. Here you can select any (unlocked) day that you'd like to continue or review. 

#2: Continue Button
This takes you to the present day of the respective Quest. Click on this button if you have followed the schedule daily and on-time. 

#3: Milestones
This section tells you the current day of the Quest.

#4: Completion Bar
This line shows you the number of days completed and the total number of days in the Quest.

Once you're in the Quest:

#1: Weekly Chapters
Once you click on this section you can see the daily content for the week.

#2: Daily Content
Click on the daily lesson to start learning. Each day unlocks one session at a time. 

#3: Back
This allows you to return to the previous page. 

#4: Continue
This takes you to the present day of the respective Quest.

#5: Community Page
This will provide you the link and passphrase to access your Facebook Tribe.

Here's how your daily content looks like:

#1: Play Video
Click here to start the lesson.

#2: Notes and Exercises
Scroll down and you'll see a summary of your lesson as well as exercises you will need to do to complete your lesson. 

#3: Workbook
Here's where you can download the required workbooks and templates for the respective day. 

#4: Audio
Here you can listen to the audio version of the daily video. This helps if you have a bad internet connection as it uses less data. 

#5: Task(s) and Completion
When you're finished with your daily learnings, check off the completed task(s), and mark the day as complete.

#6: Back
This takes you back to the overview page of the Quest. If you would like to review any previous content, this button will take you there. 

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